About Us

About “A Message From Your Pet” and “A Message From Pet Heaven”

My name is Phyllis, and I love animals!

Some time ago, I had a friend who had lost her father. Shortly after, she and her husband noticed their dog, Major of three years was having difficulty in holding up his head.

After seeking intense medical treatment and surgeries, the prognosis was not good and Major could not be saved. Between the loss of her father and the loss of their dog Major, life was very difficult for her. I looked for the “just right” sympathy card for her and could not find one.

I decided to write a sympathy letter to her and write it “as” if Major was writing to her from Pet Heaven.

The letter described Major’s journey into Pet Heaven….including the arrival, greetings from Pet Heaven, thankful for the kind care and Major’s future plans. It was very positive, uplifting and we added a hint of humor.

She was touched by the letter.

From time to time I would write Pet Sympathy Letters to friends who had lost their pets, including all types of pets and breeds.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Babe, lost her best friend, a 15-year old Apricot Poodle named Pebbles in September, 2008. Babe was grieving for her and so were her mom and dad. I wrote a Pet Sympathy Letter to Pebble’s mom and dad. I was encouraged by Patti (Pebble’s mom) and my friends to start a Pet Letter Writing Service. After years of providing this service, we actually started this business in 2008.

On a more positive note, Pebbles is now in Pet Heaven all spiffed up and running like a puppy again. Her mom and dad welcomed a red toy poodle puppy to give their love away again. Babe likes her too.

Since that time we have provided personal and individual pet sympathy letters for pet owners.

We can also include a personal cover letter. A sample would be… Thinking you… You are in our thoughts and our prayers. Some of our clients like to let the Pet Owner know who originated the letter and some of our clients prefer to remain anonymous. In those instances, we would not include a personal cover letter.

I look forward to writing “just the right” message for your friends and your loved ones.

– Phyllis