Yorkshire Terrier Says Thank You for New Home

This is little Tommy.  He has been in a couple of foster homes and things just didn’t work out.  Just wasn’t a good match for either of them.  Anyway, little Tommy never gave up on finding just the right family.

Not too long ago, a family came in and saw little Tommy…their eyes met and that  was it!!! Tommy found a new home and everyone was so happy.  When Tommy got to be around 6 months old, Tommy got up at his regular time and he didn’t get any breakfast.  He thought…what is this….no food?  Shortly after that his Daddy got his leash and they both got in the car.  They arrived at the Veternarian’s office and Tommy’s Daddy kissed him and told him he would be back later.

They gave me something to make me go to sleep and when I woke up, I felt  like someone had snipped something.  I did not even want to look.  Is this kinda like a Father/Son thing….hey, we didn’t even discuss it.  Pretty soon my Daddy came back and acted like nothing had happened.  He wanted me to get back in the car.  After the ride in the car this morning, I didn’t want to take another ride in the car again.  Dad assured me we were going home and Mom had a special meal waiting for me.  I reluctantly got into the car but I wasn’t jumping around too much.  Dad held me and comforted me all the way home.

Soon we arrived at home and just as Dad promised, Mom had a special meal just or me…it was yummy!  Daddy told me this little trip to the doctor was for my own good and I would never have to do that again.  Then  under his breath, he said…”Trust me Tommy, I know how you feel”!!!  He just smiled at me and we understood each other.

I woke up the next day and everything was back to normal….breakfast, a walk outside, played ball and took a nap.  As I was settling in for my nap I said, “Thank you Lord for my new home and Thank You for such a wonderful Mom and Dad”. 

Never give up!!!