We believe in Pet Heaven…do you?

Mom received a request for a sympathy pet letter the other day and the person who was requesting it, made a  comment about how she really hoped there was a Pet Heaven so her daughter would see her beloved pet again.  My mom understood her concerns and wrote back to her assuring her that our belief is “there will be pets, animals and all of Gods creation in  Heaven”.  Our pets were certainly created by a loving God.  When Mom looks at me she thinks God has a sense of humor when He made Jack Russell Terriers…like me.  Babe in jeans jacket with scarf

Assuming we all believe in Noah’s Ark, we have to believe that all animals are important to God.  This is what is says…”Noah took on board seven pairs of every clean animal, male and female, one pair of every unclean animal, seven pairs of every kind of bird, to insure their survival on Earth.”  How cool is that!!!!!!!  Doesn’t make any sense to me that he would take measures to insure the animals and birds survival and…. then not prepare a place in Heaven after their life on earth.  The God that Mom and I know is a God of life everlasting.

When I think of all those animals and birds staying in a ship for 150 days…I wonder if they had anything like Febreze on board?  Woooooeeeee!!!  My guess would be that every animal and bird on board considered it to be an absolute blessing…so probably they were pretty happy.

What do you think?