Warm Story about One Eyed Pete and His Veterinarian

Mom has written one of our Pet-Loss letters to the parents of One Eyed Pete and his Veterinarian.  This cat was twenty three years old at the time of going to Pet Heaven.  Pete’s Mom and Dad found him as a kitten at a county fair.  They took him to their veterinarian to try and save his life.  His eye had been severely damaged.  Doc said he didn’t know if he could save his life but knew the eye could not be saved.  This doctor had just hired a newly graduated doctor.  The senior doctor assigned the new doctor to help this special little kitten.  She could not save the eye, but she saved Pete’s life.  They named him “One Eyed Pete”.  She became his permanent doctor and the couple who had found him, adopted him.  The doctor, his Mom and Dad gave Pete the best life ever.  At the end of twenty three years they were still totally committed to him and helped him transition into Pet Heaven.  Their niece asked my Mom to write a Message From Pet Heaven to the parents and to the doctor.  Each one received a Message from One Eyed Pete after he had arrived in Pet Heaven.  Such a touching story of love and total commitment.  Pete was VERY BLESSED!!