Pet Stories from A Message from Pet Heaven and A Message from Your Pet

Gracie Hi my name is Gracie Lou,

I am very cute and I am almost three years old. I have the two best Daddies’ in the world. One of them is driving the car in the attached picture. Good looking too…huh???? So is my other Daddy!! I also have a sister and two brothers who are spoiled rotten too. Dasie is my sister and my brother’s names are Bruiser and Tanner. They will help make my daddy’s laugh again. I am now in a position to keep my eye on them!!! Anyway, I had a reaction to some medications and I went to Pet Heaven. I’m doing fine and I feel great but my Daddy’s hearts are broken. So I asked Babe’s mom if she would write a letter to them to make them feel better.

In the letter, I told them about my journey into Pet Heaven and my plans for the future. One of my Daddy’s birthday is this week end and I had to tell him Happy Birthday. I also told them that the Pet Heaven staff is planning a surprise birthday party for me on May 15th. I promised I would act surprised. The Pet Heaven staff works very hard at making us feel at home.

This has been a difficult time for us, but we did not say good-bye…we only said good night and I will see them again.

Gracie Lou

Major was our first request for a letter from Pet Heaven (1999)….he wanted his parents to know he was okay.