Pet Laser Therapy is the Best!!! Some of you will remember  that I was diagnosed with IVDD (Inter-vertebral Disk Disease in January, 2010), which means I was twelve years old at the time….14 now.   Mom always gave me medicine to keep the inflammation down and Prednisone was always near for the pain.  I started Pet Laser Therapy and I have not had any medication for it since.  If you have seen my clip of me running laps, it is a true testimony of the treatment.

Yesterday, I went in for my monthly treatment and my doctor increased the intensity in the treatment.  I had been a little stiff in my legs.  Today, I am back to normal being the best Jack Russell I can be…..laps and all.  He also checked my heart murmur and no progression there either….and “no” I am not coughing. 

I love my mom and my doctors who have kept me “livin’ the good life”!!!  Mom and I love our furry pet friends and we love the people who care for them.