Peanut The Little Weiner Dog Meets Boxer Trio In Pet Heaven

Peanut was out walking on the streets of gold trying to get some traction as it is a little slippery at the beginning.  She looked up and saw three Boxers smiling at her as they walked over to help her.  They introduced themselves as Maggie, Minnie and Scout.  Minnie and Scout picked up Peanut and put her on the back of Maggie and told her to watch how Maggie walked without slipping on the gold.  Peanut was amazed at how good Maggie was.  Peanut jumped off and ran just like they did.  They all started laughing and the Boxer Trio invited Peanut to the Doggie Diner.  Peanut said she would love to go.  Great they said, it’s weiner dog night at the Diner!!!  Peanut say, “No way, I’m not gonna be anybody’s dinner tonight”!!

Maggie, Minnie and Scout cracked up laughing…..and told her “No….it’s a party for all the Weiner dogs in Pet Heaven”.  Peanut sighed with relief and off they went, paw in paw to the Dogie Diner.  Maggie whispered to Peanut….”It’s all vegitarian here”.  Peanut smiled!!

Babe told her Mom how she loved the stories they are hearing from the Pet Heaven Herald News.  Stay tuned for more!!