Major and Chrissy

MajorI received my first letter from “Pet Heaven” many years ago when I lost Major, (Ole Major – Ole ShepShep), my beloved dog.  In that letter many special things that Major did and loved were mentioned, and that he had seen my “Dad” and he was fine.  I have kept that letter after all these years and cherish it to this day.

ChrissyI lost, Chrissy (PusPus) on June 15, 2009, my beloved cat who I had for nineteen years, and received another letter from “A Message From Pet Heaven”.  Both of these wonderful letters brought a bitter/sweet closure to my loss.  I pictured them roaming the valleys of heaven, young again and in no pain.  The lettters also gave me something tangible to keep representing my great love for these two fine animals.

I will always be grateful to my personal friend and originator of “A Message From Pet Heaven” in making the end of their journey in my life softer and gentler.

I will see both of them at the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Sue and Jim

Upper Arlington, Ohio