Is Noah’s Ark on Display in Pet Heaven?

Mom and I were talking the other day and we were thinking about all the wonderful pets we have known as a result of   We know that Pet Heaven is a wonderful place to live and we are positive about the beauty of it as well.  Mom said her mother was a wonderful cook and she thinks that she is in Heaven, helping and preparing food and offering her best recipes.  Without a doubt there is a special dining spot in heaven for country cooking and my grandma is at her height of happiness.

We started thinking about…..what are all the beloved pets doing in Pet Heaven. Yes, there are parks, lakes, recreation and homes, but what are they doing in every day life?  Mom bought a subscription to the Pet Heaven Herald News and she was reading an article called “GOOD NEWS IN PET HEAVEN”.  It was so cool!!!  We are going to share in our future posts, some of the articles that we think you might like to hear.

I wonder if Noah’s Ark is on display in Pet Heaven?  Chat soon…..the Babe!!!