Golden Retriever In Pet Heaven wants Toy with 16 Squeakers

This article just in from the Pet Heaven Herald News.

This little guy has been in Pet Heaven for about a year and he is such a nice young man and he is such a gentleman.  He is very popular with the angels.  He saw Fonzie at the gates as he was greeting the newcomers and Fonzie saw him and  asked him how he was doing.  The Golden said he was doing great and he wanted to know where he could find a toy with 16 squeakers in it.  Fonzie said, “Absolutely”!  Immediately,  he called for O E Pete to get the toy.  Pete was immediately on the scene with the toy.  The Golden was thrilled.  He gently grabbed it and took off to the park….squeaking all the way.

Fonzie told O E Pete, “It’s such a pleasure to be able to have the toys available for everyone”.  Pete agreed.  Fonzie glanced at the Pearly Gates and noticed a beautiful poodle was coming in.  With that, Fonzie resumed his position as the greeter, to make sure all needs are being met.  He is doing such a wonderful job.