Ellie Mae Is Out Walking With Her Dad Today in Pet Heaven


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Mom and I saw the neatest article today in the Pet Heaven Herald News. 

Ellie Mae who is a really cute Bloodhound doggie was out walking with Liz, Blue, Jessie, Bruce, Little Man, Lady and her Dad.  Her Dad had never met Fonzie the greeter before and she wanted them to meet and say “Hello”.  Fonzie extended his paw and shook his hand.  They talked about the beautiful  sunny day and they were off to finish their walk.

Suddenly, Ellie Mae started barking really loud.  Her Dad said, “Ellie Mae, what are you barking at”?  Ellie Mae said, “Dad, did you see that UPS guy knocking on Mom’s door”?  He said, “No, but apparently you did…..I know how you always like to protect your Mommy….good girl”!! 

Dad said, “I hope she bought something nice for herself”…..Ellie Mae smiled and said, “Me too”!     ….and off they went into the Sunshine.