Dachshund Named Peanut Is Greeted by Fonzie at the Pearly Gates

pet lostA little girl named Peanut recently went to Pet Heaven and she was greeted by Fonzie the head Greeter.  He hugged her and welcomed her.  Fonzie read over her invitation and noticed that she had a nick name called “Stinky Dog”.  Fonzie said, “I understand you don’t like to take baths”.  Peanut replied, “Yes, that is true but that is not why they called me “Stinky Dog”. 

About this time, O E Pete came on the scene and told Fonzie he had everything under control.  He looked at Peanut and said….”Do you want some socks like your Daddy has with his scent on them”?  Peanut jumped for joy!!!!!!!  “Yes, I do….that is why they called me “Stinky Dog” ’cause I love his socks”.  OE Pete said, “Consider it done and….I have some balls for you too”. 

They took off together to go shopping for some more neat things.  Fonzie stood there for a moment and shook his head…”Women, I will never understand them”.  ruff, ruff, ruff.