Cocker Spaniel Needs Socks in Pet Heaven

This cute little Cocker Spaniel named  Baker was spotted by one of the Angels as he was walking along looking for socks.  The Angel asked him why he  was looking for that.  Baker told the Angel when he was on earth, he would steal everyones socks.  The Angel laughed and told him that he didn’t have to steal anything in Pet Heaven because all his needs will be met.  The Angel told Baker that she would hide the socks for him so it  will be a surprise.  Baker is so excited.

The Angel asked him if there was anything else he needed.  Baker kinda shuffled his paws a bit and said he used to have 3 balls in his mouth, all at once and he only has 2 balls left in his room.  Three Balls??????? , the Angel replyed.   Baker said “Yes, it is quite an attention getter”.  They both cracked up laughing with each other.  The Angel made a committment to Baker that she will see to it that a minium of 12 balls will always be at his beckon call.

Baker said “Wow….dirty socks and free balls”!!!  It’s been a great day!!!!  As he trotted off, he smelled a dirty sock as it was behind a tree.  He picked it up and it smelled so good!!!  Baker turned around to look for the Angel to say thanks…..the Angel saw him and smiled.  All is well.