Jody’s Letter Helps Mom

Jody and MomThanks so much for the wonderful letter you sent my Mom from her precious Jody. He has my Dad’s name and since my Dad passed away 6 years ago you can imagine how special he is to her. As I told you in our initial conversation my Mom had a heart attack and then had her right leg amputated. She was having a very difficult time but when she got your letter I could see that she was moved and motivated to fight. It was simply a little miracle. I hope you continue to do this because I know that others will have the same comforting and rewarding experience that we did. It is amazing the loving and inspirational affect our pets can have on us.

West Chester, Ohio

Letter from Dieselno

Deisel's FamilyDiesel’s (Greyhound) mom Danielle has a wonderful sister (Shelley) who was so sad for her when she lost 4 doggies within the past two and half years. Shelley requested a sympathy letter for her sister and she sent us a picture of all the pets she had lost, which included Diesel. It is very cute!!!

Shelley sent us a thank you note:

Hello Phyllis,

What a beautiful letter! You have a wonderful way of making it so sad and humorous at the same time. I’m sure my sister will love it. You will be sending a treasured keepsake. Thank you so much.

Shelley, Perryopolis, PA

Rommel Surprised Dad on Father’s Day

Rich and RommelRommel is a short haired British Blue cat and is really good lookin’. He wanted to send his daddy a Father’s Day letter because he appreciates all the fun they have together.

His Dad wrote:

I was really surprised when I received a Father’s Day letter from my cat Rommel. What a great idea!!

Dublin, Ohio

Mark & Mother Helen – Letter of encouragement

PMark and Mother Hellen recious (pictured) wrote a letter to her Dad, who had been employed for 20 years Mark and Sissy with the same company.  The company went out of business.  Precious knew something was wrong because Dad went to work every day and now he was home all the time…and he didn’t seem to be very happy.  Finally Precious figured it out…he wasn’t employed.  Precious wanted him to know that she understood and she wanted him to know that she believed in him.  He had always provided for the family and she knew he would do it again.  Precious went to Grandma Helen and asked her to get one of those “A Message From Your Pet” letters and send to her dad.  So Grandma Helen called and they wrote the letter as Precious had dictated.

Her dad was very moved by the words of encouragement.  Precious did add a tint of humor.  She told her dad as long as they got to dress in Pittsburgh Steeler outfits,  keep the cable plugged in so they can cuddle as they watch the Steelers, everything would be okay.  Go Steelers!!!


Spiceland, IN