Boxers re-unite on Noah’s Ark Tour Even though I am in the hospital, Mom and I still read the Pet Heaven Herald News together.  I don’t have to be at the hospital until 7:00 a.m. 

see here We are still getting information about the tour of Noah’s Ark.  Last week, Maggie the sweet little Boxer girl from Florida was spotted on the tour.  As usual, she found some other Boxers to lighten up the day.  Maggie was walking on the deck of the Ark and she spotted two familiar faces….Yes!!!…her two cousins were walking on the deck too.  Maggie barked at them to stop.  Minnie & Scout turned and saw Maggie!!  Those little nubbie  tails were wagging a mile a second!!!  They had just gotten there.  They are going to spend the rest of the tour together and maybe catch a show of “The Ark Survival Show”.  Maggie said she heard it was a real thriller and off they went…..together.