Betta Fish meets The First One Man Submarine in Pet Heaven

Recently a little Betta Fish named Willie, went to Pet Heaven and he found the most beautiful lakes that are crystal clear and they sparkle like diamonds.  He is having a great time. 

While he was swimming around, he saw a huge fish and they struck up a conversation.  The huge fish told Willie that he was the first “One Man Submarine”…this was the fish that held Jonah in his  belly for 3 days.  Willie was amazed as he knew the story about Jonah.

Willie asked him to tell him about the experience.  “Well, it was in the middle of the night and I thought this guy was going to be an appetiser for me.  Somehow he  escaped my teeth and landed in my belly”.  Willie’s eyes got big!!!  The huge fish continued.  “There I was with some guy in my belly fighting to get out.  We didn’t have Pepto-Bism0l in those days and he gave me indigestion.  I sensed that he was in a bad mood.  Anyway, after 3 days, I was so sick of this guy with his bad attitude and swishing around my belly.  Then suddenly he got into a really good mood….I know God had something to do with that”.

Then he told Willie that he burped and Jonah came tumbling out and he landed on the  shore,  sopping wet with sea weed and other disgusting things all over him.  We looked at each other and we went our own ways.  I am pretty sure he  did what God asked him to do after that.  Willie and the huge fished smiled.  Then he said, “And that is how I became the very first One Man Submarine”.