Babe, The Jack Russell Puppy Weighing in at 4 Pounds

Babe at 4 pounds

Two more days until my birthday.  Mom has been out shopping…..I am so excited about becoming 14!! 

 Mom found this photo of me at 2 months old.  I am 11 pounds now. This picture was taken at the place where she adopted me.  I had captured Mom’s heart and when we posed for this  picture, I knew it was a “sure thing”.  I was going to be Mom’s little girl. 

We got into Mom’s car and it was dark with the moonlight shining in on us.  I snuggled up onto her lap and stayed there for the 1 hour trip home.  I was sooooo good.  I didn’t pee on her at all.  We walked into my new home and I continued to be good.  We went to our neighbor to meet them and I felt a little wheezie from the trip and I upchucked on the kitchen floor.  They all laughed!!!  Mom cleaned it up and everyone loved me and I loved them.  We went back home and went to bed and she put me in a crate next to her.  I howled and finally around 3:00 a.m. she gave up and let me on her bed.  That was 14 years ago and I have been there ever since.