Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!!!!!

petloss, pet lossIt’s THANKSGIVING DAY!!!  I am so thankful for so many things.  I turned 14 in August.  At that point, I had a pretty loud heart murmur and spinal disease.  We have controlled my heart with medication and we have retarded the damage of the spine disease with Laser Therapy.  This therapy is great stuff!!!

Recently I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and Mom was more than upset and I didn’t feel very good but with the help of modern medicine and Veterinarians who keep up with the times, we are controlling that too.  I get to eat moist and dry food from Purina EN .  Mom sprinkles it with Veterinarian approved enzymes and I am back to normal.   I am still running my laps, but Mom is limiting them…..bummer!!

So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all my wonderful years on this earth and I am thankful to be loved by so many people.  I am thankful for being so cute and adorable…did I say that???  ruff, ruff, ruff.

Mom wants to thank everyone for trusting her to write pet sympathy letters to loved ones, during a pet loss.  We hope everyone has a great day with family and friends.  Will chat soon, The Babe


Cocker Spaniel Needs Socks in Pet Heaven

This cute little Cocker Spaniel named  Baker was spotted by one of the Angels as he was walking along looking for socks.  The Angel asked him why he  was looking for that.  Baker told the Angel when he was on earth, he would steal everyones socks.  The Angel laughed and told him that he didn’t have to steal anything in Pet Heaven because all his needs will be met.  The Angel told Baker that she would hide the socks for him so it  will be a surprise.  Baker is so excited.

The Angel asked him if there was anything else he needed.  Baker kinda shuffled his paws a bit and said he used to have 3 balls in his mouth, all at once and he only has 2 balls left in his room.  Three Balls??????? , the Angel replyed.   Baker said “Yes, it is quite an attention getter”.  They both cracked up laughing with each other.  The Angel made a committment to Baker that she will see to it that a minium of 12 balls will always be at his beckon call.

Baker said “Wow….dirty socks and free balls”!!!  It’s been a great day!!!!  As he trotted off, he smelled a dirty sock as it was behind a tree.  He picked it up and it smelled so good!!!  Baker turned around to look for the Angel to say thanks…..the Angel saw him and smiled.  All is well.

Betta Fish meets The First One Man Submarine in Pet Heaven

Recently a little Betta Fish named Willie, went to Pet Heaven and he found the most beautiful lakes that are crystal clear and they sparkle like diamonds.  He is having a great time. 

While he was swimming around, he saw a huge fish and they struck up a conversation.  The huge fish told Willie that he was the first “One Man Submarine”…this was the fish that held Jonah in his  belly for 3 days.  Willie was amazed as he knew the story about Jonah.

Willie asked him to tell him about the experience.  “Well, it was in the middle of the night and I thought this guy was going to be an appetiser for me.  Somehow he  escaped my teeth and landed in my belly”.  Willie’s eyes got big!!!  The huge fish continued.  “There I was with some guy in my belly fighting to get out.  We didn’t have Pepto-Bism0l in those days and he gave me indigestion.  I sensed that he was in a bad mood.  Anyway, after 3 days, I was so sick of this guy with his bad attitude and swishing around my belly.  Then suddenly he got into a really good mood….I know God had something to do with that”.

Then he told Willie that he burped and Jonah came tumbling out and he landed on the  shore,  sopping wet with sea weed and other disgusting things all over him.  We looked at each other and we went our own ways.  I am pretty sure he  did what God asked him to do after that.  Willie and the huge fished smiled.  Then he said, “And that is how I became the very first One Man Submarine”.

Yorkshire Terrier Says Thank You for New Home

This is little Tommy.  He has been in a couple of foster homes and things just didn’t work out.  Just wasn’t a good match for either of them.  Anyway, little Tommy never gave up on finding just the right family.

Not too long ago, a family came in and saw little Tommy…their eyes met and that  was it!!! Tommy found a new home and everyone was so happy.  When Tommy got to be around 6 months old, Tommy got up at his regular time and he didn’t get any breakfast.  He thought…what is this….no food?  Shortly after that his Daddy got his leash and they both got in the car.  They arrived at the Veternarian’s office and Tommy’s Daddy kissed him and told him he would be back later.

They gave me something to make me go to sleep and when I woke up, I felt  like someone had snipped something.  I did not even want to look.  Is this kinda like a Father/Son thing….hey, we didn’t even discuss it.  Pretty soon my Daddy came back and acted like nothing had happened.  He wanted me to get back in the car.  After the ride in the car this morning, I didn’t want to take another ride in the car again.  Dad assured me we were going home and Mom had a special meal waiting for me.  I reluctantly got into the car but I wasn’t jumping around too much.  Dad held me and comforted me all the way home.

Soon we arrived at home and just as Dad promised, Mom had a special meal just or me…it was yummy!  Daddy told me this little trip to the doctor was for my own good and I would never have to do that again.  Then  under his breath, he said…”Trust me Tommy, I know how you feel”!!!  He just smiled at me and we understood each other.

I woke up the next day and everything was back to normal….breakfast, a walk outside, played ball and took a nap.  As I was settling in for my nap I said, “Thank you Lord for my new home and Thank You for such a wonderful Mom and Dad”. 

Never give up!!!


Golden Retriever returns looking for Peanut Butter

Yesterday this beautiful Golden Retriever asked for a 16 squeaker toy and O E Pete got it for him.  This little guy has not put it down since.  However he did come back today, looking for St. Francis of Assisi because he is the Patron Saint of the animals here  and he does all the cooking and has all the supplies in the pantry.

St. Francis asked him what he was looking for.  He told him that he really appreiated the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he requested, however, he told him that his Mom back on planet earth opened a jar of peanut butter every night and he went into the kitchen to get some.

He asked, ………..”Well….uh….er….Could I have my own jar of peanut butter in my room for a late night snack”?   St. Francis said, “You sure can and I will have one of the Angels come in and open it for you…..how would that be”?  “Oh wow!!!  that would be perfect”, he replied.  St. Francis told him the service would start for him tonight around 10:00.  The thankful Golden picked up his 16 squeaker toy and squeaked away as happy as he couldl be.