New articles from the Pet Heaven Herald News

Well here we are….October 1st and I am getting ready for Halloween!!  This is my vorite time of year.  I am feeling so much better and I thank everyone for their prayers during my illness .  I have special food with stuff sprinkled on it and I am lookin’ good.  Mom and I are back to reading the Pet Heaven Herald News and we saw a new “Editors Choice” column.  It’s all about the new pet arrivals in Pet Heaven.

We read where Fonzie was promoted to “Head Greeter”.  He is so right for this job.  He is so friendly and welcomes everyone.  He has the neatest ears.  They had to make a special crown for him so his pretty ears could be seen.  Even Dr. Luke, the Pet Heaven Veterinarian said his ears are perfect.  Anyway, Fonzie will be greeting everyone and he will have other greeters to help him if he has to do take a day off.  

The humans have to see St. Peter first and make sure their name is on the list.  However, Pets do not have to do that as their souls are perfect from day one.  They go straight to Fonzie and he will greet them and make sure their every need is taken care of.  Fonzie said those Pearly Gates are prettier than he had ever imagined….and yes, the streets are pure gold.  He said they were a little slippery at first, but now he runs around all the time and has perfect traction.  Fonzie has specail paws too.  His Mom and Day thinks they are cute.

We will get updates daily and maybe some pictures of the new pet arrivals.