One Eyed Pete Is Now Ordering Toys in Pet Heaven for Newcomers

When Mom and I read this article in The Pet Heaven Herald News, we remembered the story of One-Eyed Pete.  Pete was a boy kitty who was 23 years old when he arrived in Pet Heaven.  He was adopted by a wonderful couple who found him at the fair and he was a kitten at the time.  Apparently he had gotten into a fight and his eye was pretty bad and his body was in pretty bad shape too.  This wonderful couple picked him up and took him to the doctor.  They were unable to save his eye, but they pulled him thru some tough times and he lived.  Obviously, he went home with his new Mom and Dad.  They named him One-Eyed Pete.

He was the most  wonderful cat ever.  As mentioned, he lived for 23 years and the same Veterinarian who saved his life was able to be with him in his last moments here on earth.  What a great story of  love and committment.

Now that Pete has both eyes with perfect vision and is dressed in his heavenly fur coat, he orders toys for all the new comers to Pet Heaven.  It is Pete’s job to find out what their favorite toys were on earth and match them exactly.  He has them ready for them and puts them in their bedrooms and they are available as soon as they arrive.  These toys are so comforting and the earth Mom’s and Dad’s are so glad they have these toys too.  Pete is doing a wonderful service.

Mom and I love these stories from Pet Heaven….hope you do to.  Chat soon, The Babe!!