Pet Laser Therapy is the Best!!!

viagra priligy online purchase Some of you will remember  that I was diagnosed with IVDD (Inter-vertebral Disk Disease in January, 2010), which means I was twelve years old at the time….14 now.   Mom always gave me medicine to keep the inflammation down and Prednisone was always near for the pain.  I started Pet Laser Therapy and I have not had any medication for it since.  If you have seen my clip of me running laps, it is a true testimony of the treatment.

Yesterday, I went in for my monthly treatment and my doctor increased the intensity in the treatment.  I had been a little stiff in my legs.  Today, I am back to normal being the best Jack Russell I can be…..laps and all.  He also checked my heart murmur and no progression there either….and “no” I am not coughing. 

I love my mom and my doctors who have kept me “livin’ the good life”!!!  Mom and I love our furry pet friends and we love the people who care for them.

Reservations for Tour of Noah’s Ark Near Completion

Mom and I were reading about the tour of Noah’s Ark in Pet Heaven.  Some scheduled events will be taking place.  Noah’s Ark is so big….approximately 100,000 sqare feet of space and three floors, so it will take a while to view all the spots.  There are several rooms in the ark and some rooms will have the original dining rooms they used during the storm.  I wonder what the daily specials will be. I am sure there will be entertainment, big screen films, games, rides, personal interviews and the list goes on.  Mom, do you think “The Chipmonks” will be singing at the tour?  I just love their music….perfert harmony!!!

The reservations are almost filled.  I heard there will be about 16,000 pets on the tour. 

Will keep you posted….The Babe!!

A Tour of Noah’s Ark in Pet Heaven

Mom and I were reading the Pet Heaven Herald News today and we  saw a sign-up column for anyone who wanted to visit and tour Noah’s Ark.  Of course Noah and his family will be there and all the animals well be there as well.  We thought it was a great idea.  Mom asked me what I would want to see if I was there.  I told her I would want to talk to a lot  of the animals and know what it felt like rustling about in that big Ark…..wonder if anyone got sea sick?  That would not be a pretty sight!!!  I also noticed that the  Ark had windows and I wonder if they were able to “on occasion” open them to let the Ark get some fresh air.  I know they  did not have any Fabreeze in those days.  Just thinking about it makes my eyes water……hahahahaha.  If I had been there, I think I would be THANKFUL …no mater what the circumstances were.  Mom said that once the tour begins there will be reports of who was there and what was said. 

Chat soon…The Babe

Talking Donkey Reports Animal Abuse in the Bible

Mom and I were reading an article today in the Pet Heaven Herald News.  Little Inka, (miniature Schnauzer) who lives in Pet Heaven wrote an article that she had met the Talking Donkey in the Bible.  Do all of you remember when Balaam beat his donkey and then actually hit him with a stick?  The donkey saw an Angel in the middle of the road who was blocking Balaam from going thru.  The donkey was protecting him.  You can read the story for yourself, but the donkey was telling Inka that this animal abuse was reported in the Bible and the donkey actually said to Balaam…“What have I ever done to you that you have beat me these three times?”  This man realized what the donkey was doing for him  and he was forgiven.

As we think about this story, there are lots of messages here.  Animals are still used by God to help us….Protect us…..comfort us and on and on.  God was so provoked at this situation he actually gave the donkey “speech”.

In todays world, God still gives “speech” to our pets.  It is done through their eyes, their ears and their reactions and many more ways.  We as animal lovers can tell what they think.  It’s always about “love” for you and wanting the best for you. 

Inka reported….Don’t abuse animals!!!!!!!  Not a good idea….God doesn’t like it!!!!!!!!     AMEN!!!

The Babe doesn’t like it either….chat later.

Pet Heaven Herald News Update


Mom and I were reading some articles from the Pet Heaven Herald News. There was a notice for Employment Invitations. As most of us know everyone who enters Pet Heaven goes thru training of Pet Heaven policy and procedures (which takes a while….hahahahaha) and then they are all invited to adventure out into areas of interest. This employment invitation is for “Pet Heaven Greeters”. These pets will greet all the newcomers and make sure all their needs are being met. How much fun!! is that?