Maggie questions Mr. & Mrs. Bunny about Noah’s Ark

amsa fast orlistat reviews Maggie has been in Pet Heaven for a while and she was so excited to go see Noah’s Ark and talk to the animals.  She is always  up for a new adventure.  She saw Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit as part of the family that was on the Ark.  She asked this couple if anyone on the Ark had babies while they were on the trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny said, “Are you serious”?  They started laughing and told Maggie that this is part of “what they do”.  Maggie was amazed. 

 As Maggie walked around looking at all the beautiful sites, she noticed a lot of  junior sized rabbits.  She thought, “This must be what Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit were “doing”!!!  As she looked over her shoulder, she noticed Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit smiling so proudly of the result of their “doing”.  Maggie just smiled, shrugged her shoulder and continued the tour.  That is sooooooooo “Boxer”!!!

What was it like inside Noah’s Ark?

 More news articles from Pet Heaven Herald News about the Tour.

As the tour of Noah’s Ark continues, we find that the original animals that were on the real trip were at the tour available for questions from the Pets who recently arrived into Pet Heaven.  There was a little Schnauzer there who used to be afraid of the storms and lighting.  His name was Benji.  He was talking to one of the Bengal Tigers there and he asked, “Where you afraid in the dark when all the lighting, rain and thunder was going on?  The Tiger replied, “No, not at all.  Noah was a great captain and he made sure we had plenty to eat so we wouldn’t get sea sick and our beds were very sturdy too.  We just sat around together, knowing that ultimately God was in control.

Actually our main concern was keeping the Woodpeckers calm!!!  We both laughed!!!

Pet Weddings before boarding Noah’s Ark

The Pet Heaven Herald News reported this morning that there were videos shown to all the Fur Babies in Pet Heaven .  The video was shown in the Ark Theater with Pupcorn and Kitty Kat Treats.  Most of them did not know that a huge wedding took place just before the Ark left on the trip. The following is what was written in the article. 

Pet Weddings before boarding Noah’s Ark As most everyone knows, Noah was a very Godly man and every couple who entered the Ark, be it human or animal had to be married.  Fortunately, there were videos of the weddings that took place that day just for this occasion so we could see it in the years to come.  It took a while for the ceremony to be completed because there were two of every living creature, male and female, two of every species of bird, mammal and reptile.  We have included a video of some of the pets during the weddings.  Click and play on the above link to view the celebration.  After the wedding, there was a reception in the Ark ballroom which everyone attended.  Noah, his wife and his 3 sons and their wives were all aboard and everyone had their own rooms.  Once the wedding celebrations were complete, the door was closed as it was beginning to rain.

Mom and I did not know this either.  The articles from the News in Pet Heaven is very enlightening.



God told Noah to build the Ark, as reported by The Pet Heaven Herald News

  Mom and I read an article today in The Pet Heaven Herald News about the upcoming tour that is about to take place of Noah’s Ark in Pet Heaven.  A lot of the pets who just arrived did not know too much about this, so they published a story about what happened.  This is a copy of the article.

For all the newcomers in Pet Heaven who are planning on taking the tour to Noah’s Ark, you might want to read a little bit about what happened to make this historic tour so important.   

After much thought about what to do about all the trouble on the earth God told Noah to build an Ark.  He instructed Noah to make the Ark out of Teakwood. He told him to make multiple rooms in the Ark.  It must be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.  Now that is really a big ship!!  He told him to put a big window in the ceiling of the Ark and one door.  There will be three decks, lower, middle and upper.  God told Noah there was going to be a great flood.  It is interesting that Noah had never seen rain before!!

Then God told him to gather two of every living creature, male and female, two of every species of bird, mammal and reptile and to store enough food for all the animals plus Noah’s family.   Noah did exactly what God told him to do.  Noah was 600 years old when he started to build this Ark.

On the tour, you will see the animals and Noah’s family.  You will be able to talk to them and ask questions about the famous trip.   You will be glad you took this tour.  Every group that has attended in the past has had so much fun and you will too.

Corn Dogs in Pet Heaven??? Seriously?

Some of the pets in Pet Heaven have flown in a little early for the tour of Noah’s Ark.  As they entered the site where the Ark landed, they found a modern day food court.  It was reported in the Pet Heaven Herald News that a group of Boxers were sitting at a table eating corn dogs, popcorn and drinking Diet Coke.  Pepsi Product s were there as well. 

“Corndogs”, I said, “What is  that all about”?  Mom said, “Calm down Babe, it is all vegetarian in Pet Heaven”.  Actually Jesus has turned water into wine….and he is still performing his  wonderful miracles.  This time he made the most delicious “corndogs” made from ……yes…..corn!!  Mom said she had heard that the veggie burgers tasted just like T-Bone steak.  Now that is a miracle!!  One more thing…all the chemicals in the soda have been removed too.

I hope those fun loving, crazy Boxers leave some food for the rest of the group coming in. 

Chat later, The Babe