Pet Weddings before boarding Noah’s Ark The Pet Heaven Herald News reported this morning that there were videos shown to all the Fur Babies in Pet Heaven .  The video was shown in the Ark Theater with Pupcorn and Kitty Kat Treats.  Most of them did not know that a huge wedding took place just before the Ark left on the trip. The following is what was written in the article. 

dipyridamole brand name uk Pet Weddings before boarding Noah’s Ark As most everyone knows, Noah was a very Godly man and every couple who entered the Ark, be it human or animal had to be married.  Fortunately, there were videos of the weddings that took place that day just for this occasion so we could see it in the years to come.  It took a while for the ceremony to be completed because there were two of every living creature, male and female, two of every species of bird, mammal and reptile.  We have included a video of some of the pets during the weddings.  Click and play on the above link to view the celebration.  After the wedding, there was a reception in the Ark ballroom which everyone attended.  Noah, his wife and his 3 sons and their wives were all aboard and everyone had their own rooms.  Once the wedding celebrations were complete, the door was closed as it was beginning to rain.

Mom and I did not know this either.  The articles from the News in Pet Heaven is very enlightening.