Corn Dogs in Pet Heaven??? Seriously?

Some of the pets in Pet Heaven have flown in a little early for the tour of Noah’s Ark.  As they entered the site where the Ark landed, they found a modern day food court.  It was reported in the Pet Heaven Herald News that a group of Boxers were sitting at a table eating corn dogs, popcorn and drinking Diet Coke.  Pepsi Product s were there as well. 

“Corndogs”, I said, “What is  that all about”?  Mom said, “Calm down Babe, it is all vegetarian in Pet Heaven”.  Actually Jesus has turned water into wine….and he is still performing his  wonderful miracles.  This time he made the most delicious “corndogs” made from ……yes…..corn!!  Mom said she had heard that the veggie burgers tasted just like T-Bone steak.  Now that is a miracle!!  One more thing…all the chemicals in the soda have been removed too.

I hope those fun loving, crazy Boxers leave some food for the rest of the group coming in. 

Chat later, The Babe