Reservations for Tour of Noah’s Ark Near Completion Mom and I were reading about the tour of Noah’s Ark in Pet Heaven.  Some scheduled events will be taking place.  Noah’s Ark is so big….approximately 100,000 sqare feet of space and three floors, so it will take a while to view all the spots.  There are several rooms in the ark and some rooms will have the original dining rooms they used during the storm.  I wonder what the daily specials will be. I am sure there will be entertainment, big screen films, games, rides, personal interviews and the list goes on.  Mom, do you think “The Chipmonks” will be singing at the tour?  I just love their music….perfert harmony!!!

depo medrol costo The reservations are almost filled.  I heard there will be about 16,000 pets on the tour. 

Will keep you posted….The Babe!!