A Tour of Noah’s Ark in Pet Heaven

try this out Mom and I were reading the Pet Heaven Herald News today and we  saw a sign-up column for anyone who wanted to visit and tour Noah’s Ark.  Of course Noah and his family will be there and all the animals well be there as well.  We thought it was a great idea.  Mom asked me what I would want to see if I was there.  I told her I would want to talk to a lot  of the animals and know what it felt like rustling about in that big Ark…..wonder if anyone got sea sick?  That would not be a pretty sight!!!  I also noticed that the  Ark had windows and I wonder if they were able to “on occasion” open them to let the Ark get some fresh air.  I know they  did not have any Fabreeze in those days.  Just thinking about it makes my eyes water……hahahahaha.  If I had been there, I think I would be THANKFUL …no mater what the circumstances were.  Mom said that once the tour begins there will be reports of who was there and what was said. 

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