Babe’s Version of Jonah in the Belly of a Whale

This is me at about 6 months old and it looks like I am in the belly of a whale. Mom picked this bed because it reminded her of the story of Jonah, being in the belly of a whale.  She thought it was cute so she bought it.  She brought it in and put in on the floor and told me to go in and take a nap.  I did, as I was very tired.  When I woke up and came out of the bed, I looked at it again and I told Mom…” this is a bed for cats”!! 
I’m glad she got a picture of it because that’s the last time I sleep in that again!!!!!  ruff, ruff, ruff!!!!!!!  We both got a good laugh.  I have always wondered what happened to that bed….probably next door at the neighbor who has the cat!!!