Yellow Lab was Rescued, Got Lost and Now He Is Found!

Mom’s friends had a beautiful Yellow Lab named Chase.  He went to Pet Heaven in 2010.  They finally decided to get another Yellow Lab.  They went to a rescue foundation for Labradors and found Isaac and they brought him home. 

Yellow Lab Rescued, Got Lost and now he is found

They were greeted at the door by their Boston Terrier, Chloe who went ballistic when she saw the new housemate.  Chloe ran out the door, Isaac bolted, ripping the leash from his new Mom’s hand and knocked her down.  Isaac’s Dad made sure Mom was okay and they both took off looking for him.  They searched  the night… clues.

Next day…the search continued.  They ran into some children who had just seen him.  One child said he went up stream, the other said he went downstream….at least they knew he was alive.  They spent the rest of the day and night searching for him.  They took off work, family members came to help, flyers were posted and people were praying for Mr. Isaac’s safe return.  Their next door neighbor prayed to God to make this dog to miraculously appear.

Mom and Dad were ready to leave again and their neighbor (who had just prayed) walked around the corner of her house and she saw Isaac standing in the driveway across the street.  After being in his new home for just two minutes, Isaac found his way back home.  The neighbor started yelling  at Isaac’s Mom and Dad to “Look”!!!  There was Isaac, broken leash and all.  It took another 45 minutes to corral him, but he was safe at home. 

Mom’s friends are so thankful and they shared their thoughts which is very real and heart felt:  “God cares so much for us.  He cares about the small things in each of our lives.  Problems that would be totally irrelevant to the other 6 billion people on this planet, are relevant to Him.  Even our close friends were concerned and prayed about this situation.  Believe us, within our 4 walls, the turmoil and anxiety over this lost dog was off the charts.  I know this does not compare to when God cures a terminal illness or repairs a broken marriage or brings a prodigal son back home.  However for us, we realize more than ever how much God cares about the smallest details in our lives.  Our faith in Him grew even more through this”.

From my point of view, I think Chase was helping God bring Isaac back home.  Just a little sign of approval from Chase.