Babe Is Drinking from the Fountain of Youth

-dGIt-2l7tI  Click to the left to see me in my pond.  This is truly drinkng from the fountain of youth.  HAH…don’t I wish.  I just wanted to show everyone my fountain.  Mom made it just for me.  The weather here in Ohio has been so hot and without rain.  A  cool drink is so refreshing.  Mom had her camera out and so I thought I would show off.

As most of you know, my Mom writes pet sympathy letters to people who have lost their pets. Let her know if your friend or loved one has lost a dear pet and she will write a letter specially designed for your loved one. 

I think I need a bathing suit.  Something in pink would be nice.  Mom and I need to go shopping.

Chat soon…..the Babe