2012 August

Article From Garden of Eden in The Pet Heaven Herald News

hop over to this website Hi everyone, Babe here and I wish you all a Happy Labor Day weekend. I am dressed for Labor Day. Mom and I saw a cute article in the Pet Heaven Herald News. A cat and a dog were walking along a path and the young kitty cat saw a beautiful garden with everything imaginable! She asked what is that? Her doggie companion said “That’s the Garden of Eden and Adam’s wife Eve, ate us out of house and home”. Meow, Meow, Meow, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff!!

Is Noah’s Ark on Display in Pet Heaven?

blog link Mom and I were talking the other day and we were thinking about all the wonderful pets we have known as a result of  www.AMessageFromPetHeaven.com   We know that Pet Heaven is a wonderful place to live and we are positive about the beauty of it as well.  Mom said her mother was a wonderful cook and she thinks that she is in Heaven, helping and preparing food and offering her best recipes.  Without a doubt there is a special dining spot in heaven for country cooking and my grandma is at her height of happiness.

https://www.pavimentoperpalestre.com/3029-dtit41897-cerco-donna-in-ticino.html We started thinking about…..what are all the beloved pets doing in Pet Heaven. Yes, there are parks, lakes, recreation and homes, but what are they doing in every day life?  Mom bought a subscription to the Pet Heaven Herald News and she was reading an article called “GOOD NEWS IN PET HEAVEN”.  It was so cool!!!  We are going to share in our future posts, some of the articles that we think you might like to hear.

I wonder if Noah’s Ark is on display in Pet Heaven?  Chat soon…..the Babe!!!

Jack Russell Terrier Enjoying 14th Birthday

Babe Enjoying Frish’s Cheeseburger for Birthday  Click to see my dinner. I love Frisch’s cheeseburgers.  My Veterinarian, Dr. Legorreta does not want me to eat things like this, but it is my birthday and I only had half of it.  Mom let me eat it outside on the patio as we spend a lot of tme out there.  She always has a camera in her hand too.  So embarassing!  I can hardly believe it has been 14 years ago today that I was born and I am without a doubt one of the most blessed little girls around.

Thank you God for everything!!!  Love you all….the BABE!!

Babe’s Version of Jonah in the Belly of a Whale

This is me at about 6 months old and it looks like I am in the belly of a whale. Mom picked this bed because it reminded her of the story of Jonah, being in the belly of a whale.  She thought it was cute so she bought it.  She brought it in and put in on the floor and told me to go in and take a nap.  I did, as I was very tired.  When I woke up and came out of the bed, I looked at it again and I told Mom…” this is a bed for cats”!! 
I’m glad she got a picture of it because that’s the last time I sleep in that again!!!!!  ruff, ruff, ruff!!!!!!!  We both got a good laugh.  I have always wondered what happened to that bed….probably next door at the neighbor who has the cat!!!

Babe, The Jack Russell Puppy Weighing in at 4 Pounds

Babe at 4 pounds

Two more days until my birthday.  Mom has been out shopping…..I am so excited about becoming 14!! 

 Mom found this photo of me at 2 months old.  I am 11 pounds now. This picture was taken at the place where she adopted me.  I had captured Mom’s heart and when we posed for this  picture, I knew it was a “sure thing”.  I was going to be Mom’s little girl. 

We got into Mom’s car and it was dark with the moonlight shining in on us.  I snuggled up onto her lap and stayed there for the 1 hour trip home.  I was sooooo good.  I didn’t pee on her at all.  We walked into my new home and I continued to be good.  We went to our neighbor to meet them and I felt a little wheezie from the trip and I upchucked on the kitchen floor.  They all laughed!!!  Mom cleaned it up and everyone loved me and I loved them.  We went back home and went to bed and she put me in a crate next to her.  I howled and finally around 3:00 a.m. she gave up and let me on her bed.  That was 14 years ago and I have been there ever since.