Merry Christmas from the Cute Little Jack Russell Terrier – The Babe

Merry Christmas to every one and I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.  Mom doesn’t have to get very much for me as I only like tennis balls.  I have all the  outfits I need, I have all the  food I want and a Mom who loves me dearly.  What more could a girl want?

Mom took me to my Veterinarian the other day for my senior check up.  What does “senior” mean???  I saw mom “shhhhh” the doctor when he said that….I’m sure it’s nothing important.  Anyway, they gave me my monthly Laser Treatment for my spine, and took some of my blood and put it in a bottle.  Why would they do something like that?????  Anyway a couple of  days went by and my doctor called my mom…she  was excited to hear the good news.

She picked me up and told me all my organs are good to go!!!  I acted very happy as she was happy…so I licked her on the cheek.  She told me my heart murmur had not progressed in the last year and my spine is doing well too.  She was so happy, so I licked her cheek again.  She said this was the best Christmas present for  both of us!!!   

Okay this all sounds good but a couple bags of new tennis balls would be nice too.  She said, “Okay”, so we are off to Pet Smart  to shop for new tennis balls.

Merry Christmas everyone and be safe!!!!  Remember the reason for  this season of celebration….the birth of our Jesus Christ!!

Love ya, The  Babe!!