A little specially designedChinese-Crested/Japanese Chin just arrived in Pet Heaven. Her name is Mercy and when she arrived she has sent reports back to her Mommy that the Christmas celebration preparations are almost complete.  Mercy said the Angels were singing beautiful songs to her.  She saw her Grandmother as she was hanging some ornaments on the trees in the park.  She was also reunited with all her family pets who have made the journey to Pet Heaven.  Mercy loved taking walks and riding in the car.  Mercy was escorted to the Doggie Diner in a heavenly limousine.  As you can see from her picture, she has the most expressive eyes that tell a story of her love.  The other picture gives new meaning to “doggles”.  She was truly a guardian angel here on earth to all the cats and doggies in the family …especially for Grandpa Griff who was rescued from a puppy mill.  You can see him as he has own Face Book page.  He’s a cutie too.  Mercy enjoyed eating  although she managed to keep her weight under control.  Mercy’s family is saddened from this loss but they are comforted in knowing that she is getting “royal treatment”.  We are honoring her life.  The second picture is her new “do” the day before she went to her heavenly home.