2011 November

I Am Thankful For My Little Jack Russell Terrier, Babe

important source I’m posting my own blog this Thanksgiving season as Babe is asleep and resting from all the rush.  I am Babe’s mom and there are so many things I am thankful for.  If I listed them all, I could never get up from my chair.  What a wonderful life we have of friends, family and our pets.  Babe is a very important part of my family.  I  find I have  taken her life with me such a joy and I have unintentionally taken her life for granted.  As she is in good health and doing very well for a thirteen year old doggie, I find myself smiling at her as she sleeps so soundly as her hearing has somewhat diminished.  She can however hear the  jingle of the my keys when it’s time to go for a walk…she is ready to go!!  The neighbors have gotten used to her bossing around the big dogs and they laugh at her antics.  I no longer take the sound of her breathing  and the  sound of her barking in her dreams during the night for granted.

torino bakeca donna cerca uomo I am thankful for veternarians like her doctors, Dr. Seimer and Dr. Shardy and the staff of Suburban Animal Clinic staff as they constantly work Babe in for last minute appointments because she looked at me and her eyes told me she doesn’t feel well.  The laser treatments for her little spine, the medications for her heart, the special food, the dental care…..it all adds up to longer and better life.  After treatments, her beautiful brown almond shaped eyes become shiny and bright. 

bakeca cosenza donna cerca uomo She keeps me healthy and gets me out to walk and enjoy the fresh air. I am thankful for the wonderful memories and look forward to the future with her by my side.  I am thankful that God made animals and their pure hearts of unconditional love.  I’m thankful for Laddie, Sparky, Yox, Chi Chi, Inka, Benji, Totie , Amos and Andy, who taught me to know what it means when I bring them into my life….it means “I signed up for Life”.  I am thankful to surround myself with people who feel the same way. Oh…yes…I love my family and friends as well!!!!

As always I must include a picture of her as I know she sends her Thanksgiving love to all.