2011 October

Mom is serving Warm Apple Jack Cider to the Trick or Treaters. I’m dressed for it too!!!

buy gabapentin online I have so many clothes and outfits in my closet and I am trying to figure out which one to wear this coming Monday on Halloween.  So many choices, so little time.  I have attached a picture of my first choice.  I will keep looking for  more.  We don’t have a lot  of scary things…..just fun things in our house.  Mom is fixing the neighborhood favorite….Apple Jack Cider with cinnamon sticks.  She serves it warm to the kids.  A nice break from all the candy and their Mom’s and Dad’s like it too.  Be sure and stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Helping Pet Lovers with their Pet Loss

pop over to this site Mom receives a lot of compliments about the letters she writes for pets who have arrived in Pet Heaven.  The heartfelt letters come from going thru the same situation that all pet lovers experience from time to time….the loss of their pets.  I heard her telling someone the other day that she felt privileged to work with people who love their pets and cherish their lives.   It is so wonderful to hear about their pet’s and how special the companionship has been…and they will see them again. 

studentessa cerca uomo bologna Babe in jeans jacket with scarfThroughout bible history, animals were always a very important part of God’s plan……so why wouldn’t we see them again in Heaven.  Someday I will be chatting with some of  the animals that were on Noah’s Ark.  I wonder if they had Febreze back then?  Well, that’s another issue.  I mean…..do the math….God took “one pair” of every breed of animals and “one” family….sounds like they were important to me!!!  Look at the  next paragraph!!

Bring a pair of every kind of animal—a male and a female—into the boat with you to keep them alive during the flood. Pairs of every kind of bird, and every kind of animal, and every kind of small animal that scurries along the ground, will come to you to be kept alive. And be sure to take on board enough food for your family and for all the animals. So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him. (Gen. 6:19-22, NLT)

Some of you know  that I just became a teenager.  I asked mom for the keys to the car and she told me “not until you are sixteen”.  I have a lot to look forward to!!! ruff, ruff, ruff.  She really takes good care of me and I take care of her.  By the way, I do help her write the Pet Sympathy Letters.  She says I inspire her!!!  If you have a friend who is experiencing the loss of a pet, go to our website www.AMessageFromPetHeaven.com  for more information.

Dressed up for a Birthday Party

Guess who has a birthday today.  It’s my Mom!!!  Wow…she is really getting up there.  HAHAHA!!!  It seems like everyday it takes longer for her to get ready….I mean it is artistry in motion.  Paint, Primp, Lipstick, Concealer, Spritz and on and on.  Mom was getting up there when she adopted me 13 years ago, but we just keep pushing on and living life with excitement.  Actually I love her even when she first gets up in the morning.   Of course I always look good, no matter what.  Mom says she is going to work today but I am taking her out to dinner tonight.  I have it all arranged.

My favorite place to take her has a wonderful paved driveway.  Mom pulls around to the back  of the restaurant and we drive up to a big lighted sign with all the food they offer.  As soon as we pull up, someone starts talking to us, welcoming us to the establishment.  I never see who it is talking but they always get the order just right.  Mom points her head in the direction of this black box and she is telling them what we want to eat.  After all this time, I have never seen anyone…just a voice.  Oh well….whatever.  We then drive around to the side of the restaurant and there is always someone there to give us food.  It is so cool.  No cooking, no clean up, just good food.  Then we drive off with our dinner and we have a great time.  That is where I am taking her for dinner.  She has to drive because I won’t have my drivers license for 3 more years.  We are gonna have a wonderful time together.  Happy Birthday MOM!!!  Love you “The Babe”