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A Tribute to Maggie the Fur Baby Boxer Who Loves Lawn Sprinklers!

Listen to Mary Had a Little Lamb Clip

Actually, Maggie and her Momma call them “spinklers”.  They took walks everyday in Florida and if there was a “spinkler” running she would pull her Momma (and I do mean PULL) to it so she could get a drink.  It was like an obsession with her.  If you can imagine a big old slobbery boxer with water dripping from all over her and then of course the “body shake” so everyone in the area was wet too.  Maggie is quite a character!!

Maggie is now in Pet Heaven and her spine has been healed and in fact she jumped over the Rainbow Bridge.  The Pet Heaven News wanted to give a special tribute to her as we play one of her favorite song for her. We love you Maggie