Report Just In From Pet Heaven…Resurection Celebration Huge Success

Listen To You Are So Beautiful Clip

We just received a  report that the Resurrection Celebration this past weekend was a huge success in Heaven and  Pet Heaven.  Millions of pets and people attended. The angelic choir was outstanding.  A newcomer to Pet Heaven, Leeza (the poodle pictured here)  reported that she was there all dressed in “gold” (as was her usual attire).  She said she wanted to match the gold streets.  You won’t be able to see her nails, but she also was “styling” with her gold nail polish.  Leeza is a true Diva.  She has her professional groomer come in each day to help get her beautified for the day.  She loves Bling!!!  She arrived in Pet Heaven in March of this year.  She reports that since she arrived they have been preparing for the celebration. When the services were completed, she had to go home for a beauty rest.

Fonzie, her cousin met up with her too.   He arrived in Pet Heaven in February, 2009. (picture attached)  Fonzie is a real character!!  Leeza made him get all dressed up too.  Fonzie reluctantly put on a top hat, but asked the tailor to cut holes in the hat so his ears could stick out.  His Daddy loves his ears.  Fonzie was okay with everything…He enjoyed himself too.   Everyone is going to go to the Pet Heaven Eatery for a soda.  Everyone has a great time ruff, ruff, ruff-ing and meow, meow, meow-ing there.