Mom went to a seminar about Social Networking

Babe in jeans jacket with scarfCan you believe she left me at home while she went to the seminar about blogging???  Well, I’ll be!!!  I am the bomb when it comes to blogging…ask anybody.  I heard her talking on the phone so I did hear about some things that happened.  Some people asked her what kind of  business she had…she told them she wrote sympathy letters to people who had lost their pets and entered into Pet Heaven.  I guess they looked at her in a strange way, but when they found out it was an uplifting letter they liked the idea.  Actually they are letters that discuss their journey into Pet Heaven.  The letters are written “as if” it was coming from the pet to the pet owner.  Topics of the letter includes “Greetings from Heaven, giving Thanks, cherished moments and future plans.  It is actually a full size letter and all the letters are different.

If you know of someone who has lost a pet and you want to do something really special and personal for them, log onto  and see what you can do for your loved ones.  People love the letters that Mom writes for them…and I inspire her.