2011 April

Report Just In From Pet Heaven…Resurection Celebration Huge Success

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incontri trav como We just received a  report that the Resurrection Celebration this past weekend was a huge success in Heaven and  Pet Heaven.  Millions of pets and people attended. The angelic choir was outstanding.  A newcomer to Pet Heaven, Leeza (the poodle pictured here)  reported that she was there all dressed in “gold” (as was her usual attire).  She said she wanted to match the gold streets.  You won’t be able to see her nails, but she also was “styling” with her gold nail polish.  Leeza is a true Diva.  She has her professional groomer come in each day to help get her beautified for the day.  She loves Bling!!!  She arrived in Pet Heaven in March of this year.  She reports that since she arrived they have been preparing for the celebration. When the services were completed, she had to go home for a beauty rest.

https://www.tenutacalissonibulgari.it/719-dtit89162-bacheca-incontri-bordighera.html Fonzie, her cousin met up with her too.   He arrived in Pet Heaven in February, 2009. (picture attached)  Fonzie is a real character!!  Leeza made him get all dressed up too.  Fonzie reluctantly put on a top hat, but asked the tailor to cut holes in the hat so his ears could stick out.  His Daddy loves his ears.  Fonzie was okay with everything…He enjoyed himself too.   Everyone is going to go to the Pet Heaven Eatery for a soda.  Everyone has a great time ruff, ruff, ruff-ing and meow, meow, meow-ing there.

Babe will be in the Easter Parade

EasterParadeClip Click to Listen. Happy Easter everyone.  We are fast approaching the Easter weekend……one of the biggest celebrations of the Christian faith.  It is my mom’s favorite holiday and I love it too.  Mom will be attending church as she usually does and I will be watching Easter services on TV.  When she comes home we will have a festive meal, which I will enjoy!!  I don’t get to go to the actual church…Cypress Wesleyan Church here in Columbus because the music is too loud for my ears.  It is my understanding that the church will be “rocking” with celebration music.  I don’t know why I can’t listen to pastor Ken…he is great…….well whatever, I am sure I will hear about it….hahahaha!!!

There is one thing I will be doing and that is being in the Easter Parade. I have attached a picture of me in my Easter Bonnet. 

This is a great time of year to be with family.  Gather together, pray together and stay together………..and Have a Blessed Easter!!!

Concerns about animal abuse

Today, Mom and I signed a petition to ask a judge for the maximum penalty for animal abuse.  It hurts our souls to see pics of abuse of any kind.  Animal abuse does not carry very much of a penalty, but we have got to step up to the plate and make some changes!!!  It has been proven that hardened criminals started their life of abusive behavior with animal abuse. 

This behavior has to have severe consequences.  If not, our children, family and friends will be next.  Our friend Tonya Conca Hutchins brought this situation to us via Facebook.  When you see it, please help these little special friends of ours.

As a balance to today’s blog, I would like to say thank you for all the people who love and care for their pets.

We believe in Pet Heaven…do you?

Mom received a request for a sympathy pet letter the other day and the person who was requesting it, made a  comment about how she really hoped there was a Pet Heaven so her daughter would see her beloved pet again.  My mom understood her concerns and wrote back to her assuring her that our belief is “there will be pets, animals and all of Gods creation in  Heaven”.  Our pets were certainly created by a loving God.  When Mom looks at me she thinks God has a sense of humor when He made Jack Russell Terriers…like me.  Babe in jeans jacket with scarf

Assuming we all believe in Noah’s Ark, we have to believe that all animals are important to God.  This is what is says…”Noah took on board seven pairs of every clean animal, male and female, one pair of every unclean animal, seven pairs of every kind of bird, to insure their survival on Earth.”  How cool is that!!!!!!!  Doesn’t make any sense to me that he would take measures to insure the animals and birds survival and…. then not prepare a place in Heaven after their life on earth.  The God that Mom and I know is a God of life everlasting.

When I think of all those animals and birds staying in a ship for 150 days…I wonder if they had anything like Febreze on board?  Woooooeeeee!!!  My guess would be that every animal and bird on board considered it to be an absolute blessing…so probably they were pretty happy.

What do you think?

Mom went to a seminar about Social Networking

Babe in jeans jacket with scarfCan you believe she left me at home while she went to the seminar about blogging???  Well, I’ll be!!!  I am the bomb when it comes to blogging…ask anybody.  I heard her talking on the phone so I did hear about some things that happened.  Some people asked her what kind of  business she had…she told them she wrote sympathy letters to people who had lost their pets and entered into Pet Heaven.  I guess they looked at her in a strange way, but when they found out it was an uplifting letter they liked the idea.  Actually they are letters that discuss their journey into Pet Heaven.  The letters are written “as if” it was coming from the pet to the pet owner.  Topics of the letter includes “Greetings from Heaven, giving Thanks, cherished moments and future plans.  It is actually a full size letter and all the letters are different.

If you know of someone who has lost a pet and you want to do something really special and personal for them, log onto www.AMessageFromPetHeaven.com  and see what you can do for your loved ones.  People love the letters that Mom writes for them…and I inspire her.