My Mom writes Pet Sympathy Letters

As most of you know, my mom writes sympathy letters to people who have lo   st their pets.  M"Babe in jean jacket and scarf"om and I talk about some of the requests she gets and she tries to help people who have hurting hearts.  Hearing about these situations is sad, so I have my blog to lighten up our lives and make people smile.  Mom also writes all occasion letters and she wrote a get well letter to an elderly lady in the hospital who was very ill.  She had a cat at home and she wanted my Mom to write a letter to her mom and let her know she was missed and the cat was waiting patiently for her return.  The kitty was dusting the furniture with her tail and ate all of her food so the floor was always clean around her dish.   The cat told her mother several things in the letter that really lifted her spirits.  They were united a few days later and  both were very happy to be together again. 

There is something I don’t understand….how did that cat tell my mom she wanted her to write a get well message?  Mom told me the cat was surfing the web and found our website….www.AMessageFromPetHeaven. com and     Of course…why didn’t I think of that?

Babe Has Some Good News!!


Hi everyone!!  Mom took me to the doctor this past week for my check up on my spine problem and my heart problem.  It has been a month since I started on the heart medication.  I got weighed…everything okay there.  They checked my blood to be sure the heart medication was agreeing with the rest of my body.  Then I had a laser therapy treatment on my spine.  Doc says I am good to go.  He told  my mom that I didn’t have to come back for three months!!!! (unless I was acting up)

Mom is keeping a close eye on me and making sure my every need is being met.  The hand made treats with extremely low sodium are awesome….fresh ground up chicken, rolled oats and veggies….”Yum Yum”…who needs salt???  She switches sometimes to beef.   She is still having problems throwing my ball as far as she used to.  I don’t know if she is getting too old or she doesn’t want me to over do it.  Oh well…I am doing well and I feel great.  I look good too….don’t I?