March Madness Mascot for Ohio State Buckeyes…could it be???

March Madness Tournament starts tomorrow, so I had to put on my cheer leading hat with my megaphone and pony tails.  To top it off, I put on my basketball necklace and I am ready for BASKETBALL!!!  Okay, my Mom is not the best photographer, but she tries.  We are from Columbus, Ohio so I hope you know that we love all the teams who are playing but the Ohio State Buckeyes are here and they have worked so hard this year, we just have to support them.  I think I should be their Mascot…could it be????  If not, at  least I can be one at home as we watch them lead the way!!  One thing I feel certain of… is that I am probably the only Jack Russell Terrier in this outfit!!!  Go Bucks!!!