Buddy the Pit Mix Doggie was Rescued!!

Mom came home the other day and she had a different scent on her….yes, it was dog!!!….but who???  She confessed that she had gone to the pet store to purchase some new tennis balls for me.  While there, the nicest young Pit Bull mix greeted her.  There was a very nice young man who was very proud to be with this doggy.  He sniffed my mom and the owner apologized for Buddy.  Mom said, “No need to apologize, I love all pets”.  Mom talked to this young man about Buddy and how cute and friendly he was.  He smiled and said he had just left the humane society and had adopted Buddy.  They had just stopped in to get some dog food, treats and toys. 

Well……is that the coolest thing ever.  I asked mom if she got a picture of Buddy, but she was so intent on the conversation, she forgot to take the picture.  This young man simply asked Buddy (while he was in his cage)  if he wanted to be his buddy and he came to him immediately.  Mom was so happy for both of them.  She didn’t get the young man’s name but whoever you are….God Bless you for rescuing Buddy!!  God’s blessings upon all who have hearts to adopt and rescue all the loving pets who are waiting on homes with lots of love.