Babe Has Some Good News!!


Hi everyone!!  Mom took me to the doctor this past week for my check up on my spine problem and my heart problem.  It has been a month since I started on the heart medication.  I got weighed…everything okay there.  They checked my blood to be sure the heart medication was agreeing with the rest of my body.  Then I had a laser therapy treatment on my spine.  Doc says I am good to go.  He told  my mom that I didn’t have to come back for three months!!!! (unless I was acting up)

Mom is keeping a close eye on me and making sure my every need is being met.  The hand made treats with extremely low sodium are awesome….fresh ground up chicken, rolled oats and veggies….”Yum Yum”…who needs salt???  She switches sometimes to beef.   She is still having problems throwing my ball as far as she used to.  I don’t know if she is getting too old or she doesn’t want me to over do it.  Oh well…I am doing well and I feel great.  I look good too….don’t I?