2011 February 24

Babe Continues Pet Laser Therapy for Spine Disease

http://gcci.co.uk/directory/remous-print As most of you know, we live in Ohio and we have had a difficult winter with extreme cold, snow and ice.  This is not normal for us.  I know our friends from Minnesota are probably calling me a “Pansy”, but we are not used to it!!  Normally I can take most anything as most Jack Russell’s are pretty tough, but I was diagnosed with Spine disease and the damp cold really bothers me.  I have medications, but my mom and my doctor at Suburban Animal Hospital here in Columbus prefer laser therapy.  Laser therapy is such a treat for me…4 minutes of standing still while they run the laser on my spine.  The other day when I was there I had to wait because there was a bigger dog than me who had arthritis and he is walking normally again because of this therapy.  I mention this because if you have some babies like me who have back, hind legs and/or spine trouble, try Pet Laser Therapy.  “No” we don’t get paid to say that…we just know it’s painless and it makes me feel better.  My mom wants me to have fun and enjoy life….and I do!!

sit de rencontre gratuit en belgique I just took a small walk around the block with mom.  She said we may not be able to go for a walk for a few days as we are expecting 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow.  UGH!!  Hope the weather person is wrong….blessings to all!!