2011 February 11


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jetez un œil à ces gars Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, family and all the loves of my life.  This is always a special day for me because I am loved so much by so many and I love them too.  This year, I have special thoughts about the heart….especially mine.   I am now twelve and a half years old and my heart has been thru a lot and will continue to do the same!!!!!  I am a typical Jack Russell Terrier that runs and plays hard and my heart has allowed me to do that.  On certain occasions, I have been known to be airborne more than I care to admit.  I am learning to slow down a little and let someone else dig the holes in the backyard.  I have decided to smell the roses instead of tearing them up.  My prognosis is good because my attitude is good and so is my Mom’s.  I’m teaching my Mom how to cook special meals for me.  The tennis balls….well I can’t quite give them up but  my Mom can’t seem to throw them as far as she used to….either that or she is trying to trick me into believing it.  I know she loves me and wants me to live a really long time.  I am going to humor her and try to behave.  My heart belongs to all of you!!!  Happy Valentines Day!!!  I hope you enjoy the music on my picture.