2011 February 06

Mom and I watched the Superbowl!!

http://sadidi.net/22624-dtf68234-rencontre-aire-de-cantepie.html We just watched the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl over the Pittsburg Steelers.  What a game!!  Both teams played well.  Mom has been to 2 different Superbowls and she said it was a blast even though her team lost both times.  It was quite an experience.  When she went to the Superbowl, I wasn’t born yet….otherwise she would have had to stay home with me…HA!!  Aunt Penny from Wisconsin is very happy, but my cousin Mark and my Aunt Sissy (Steeler fans) are pretty disappointed.

musulmane rencontre gratuit Normally we have our popcorn when we watch the game, but this year was a little different since I was diagnosed with a little heart problem and Mom makes me eat low sodium stuff.  She has made some really great treats for me……they are called Rooster Nuggets.  They are kinda like meat balls except she uses low sodium chicken, grinds it up and adds veggies with oatmeal….no salt, no spices, but wow is it good!!!  Did you notice I said low sodium chicken??  Yes….when she looked at the label of some boneless, skinless chicken, the sodium count was 375!!!  Mom was so surprised….but she kept looking at labels and found a brand with a sodium count of 55.  Hey, I’m worth it!!!

If anyone has any desert receipes for my sweet tooth that is good for heart patients, let me know.  I will get Mom to make some for me.  I do like apples…I am such a brat!!!