2011 February

Babe Continues Pet Laser Therapy for Spine Disease

websites As most of you know, we live in Ohio and we have had a difficult winter with extreme cold, snow and ice.  This is not normal for us.  I know our friends from Minnesota are probably calling me a “Pansy”, but we are not used to it!!  Normally I can take most anything as most Jack Russell’s are pretty tough, but I was diagnosed with Spine disease and the damp cold really bothers me.  I have medications, but my mom and my doctor at Suburban Animal Hospital here in Columbus prefer laser therapy.  Laser therapy is such a treat for me…4 minutes of standing still while they run the laser on my spine.  The other day when I was there I had to wait because there was a bigger dog than me who had arthritis and he is walking normally again because of this therapy.  I mention this because if you have some babies like me who have back, hind legs and/or spine trouble, try Pet Laser Therapy.  “No” we don’t get paid to say that…we just know it’s painless and it makes me feel better.  My mom wants me to have fun and enjoy life….and I do!!

see it here I just took a small walk around the block with mom.  She said we may not be able to go for a walk for a few days as we are expecting 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow.  UGH!!  Hope the weather person is wrong….blessings to all!!

God Bless Our American Presidents!!!

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Today is Presidents Day and some of the “Blessed Ones” get the day off.  As I am blessed….I still don’t have the day off…HAH!!  When I think of Presidents Day, I think about a lot of our Presidents whom we have had since our first President, George Washington.  Through the years I am quite certain that some presidents have been better than others…some we liked…some, we did not.  I don’t think today is a day of thinking Republican, Democrat or Independent…but to me it is a day of honoring the position of our Presidents…all of them.  No matter who is in the White House, it is a prestigious position and a difficult position.  We should pray for our presidents and our leaders for God to guide them.  None of our presidents have been able to please everyone.  Well, I’m not the president, but I am able to please most everyone…at least that’s what my mom says!!

My thoughts today are….what an honor it is to live in this great country and have choices of election.  We have choices of freedom and I could go on and on about this wonderful country…the United States of America!!!  We may have our “warts and issues” but we are a people of strength because of our presidents and our strong military of men and women who have kept us free.  Mom and I have watched the news and have seen trouble and that is when we see “tough Americans” help and support each other.  USA is the best country in the world and my mom and I are proud Americans!!!  What a blessing to have been born here.  We never want to take our freedom for granted.  We say”GOD BLESS AMERICA”  CLICK ON LINK BELOW THIS POST TO HEAR THE SONG….GOD BLESS AMERICA!!



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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, family and all the loves of my life.  This is always a special day for me because I am loved so much by so many and I love them too.  This year, I have special thoughts about the heart….especially mine.   I am now twelve and a half years old and my heart has been thru a lot and will continue to do the same!!!!!  I am a typical Jack Russell Terrier that runs and plays hard and my heart has allowed me to do that.  On certain occasions, I have been known to be airborne more than I care to admit.  I am learning to slow down a little and let someone else dig the holes in the backyard.  I have decided to smell the roses instead of tearing them up.  My prognosis is good because my attitude is good and so is my Mom’s.  I’m teaching my Mom how to cook special meals for me.  The tennis balls….well I can’t quite give them up but  my Mom can’t seem to throw them as far as she used to….either that or she is trying to trick me into believing it.  I know she loves me and wants me to live a really long time.  I am going to humor her and try to behave.  My heart belongs to all of you!!!  Happy Valentines Day!!!  I hope you enjoy the music on my picture.

Mom and I watched the Superbowl!!


We just watched the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl over the Pittsburg Steelers.  What a game!!  Both teams played well.  Mom has been to 2 different Superbowls and she said it was a blast even though her team lost both times.  It was quite an experience.  When she went to the Superbowl, I wasn’t born yet….otherwise she would have had to stay home with me…HA!!  Aunt Penny from Wisconsin is very happy, but my cousin Mark and my Aunt Sissy (Steeler fans) are pretty disappointed.

Normally we have our popcorn when we watch the game, but this year was a little different since I was diagnosed with a little heart problem and Mom makes me eat low sodium stuff.  She has made some really great treats for me……they are called Rooster Nuggets.  They are kinda like meat balls except she uses low sodium chicken, grinds it up and adds veggies with oatmeal….no salt, no spices, but wow is it good!!!  Did you notice I said low sodium chicken??  Yes….when she looked at the label of some boneless, skinless chicken, the sodium count was 375!!!  Mom was so surprised….but she kept looking at labels and found a brand with a sodium count of 55.  Hey, I’m worth it!!!

If anyone has any desert receipes for my sweet tooth that is good for heart patients, let me know.  I will get Mom to make some for me.  I do like apples…I am such a brat!!!