Happy New Year for 2012

http://modmedhc.com/kris My mom gets “The Word of the Day” everyday and this is one I want to share with you.  It is a promise from God for you.

cliquez ici pour en savoir plus “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  Jeremiah 29:11

From Gods word to your hearts!!! 

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!!!!!!!

Love to all, The Babe!!



Merry Christmas from the Cute Little Jack Russell Terrier – The Babe

Merry Christmas to every one and I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.  Mom doesn’t have to get very much for me as I only like tennis balls.  I have all the  outfits I need, I have all the  food I want and a Mom who loves me dearly.  What more could a girl want?

Mom took me to my Veterinarian the other day for my senior check up.  What does “senior” mean???  I saw mom “shhhhh” the doctor when he said that….I’m sure it’s nothing important.  Anyway, they gave me my monthly Laser Treatment for my spine, and took some of my blood and put it in a bottle.  Why would they do something like that?????  Anyway a couple of  days went by and my doctor called my mom…she  was excited to hear the good news.

She picked me up and told me all my organs are good to go!!!  I acted very happy as she was happy…so I licked her on the cheek.  She told me my heart murmur had not progressed in the last year and my spine is doing well too.  She was so happy, so I licked her cheek again.  She said this was the best Christmas present for  both of us!!!   

Okay this all sounds good but a couple bags of new tennis balls would be nice too.  She said, “Okay”, so we are off to Pet Smart  to shop for new tennis balls.

Merry Christmas everyone and be safe!!!!  Remember the reason for  this season of celebration….the birth of our Jesus Christ!!

Love ya, The  Babe!!

A little specially designedChinese-Crested/Japanese Chin just arrived in Pet Heaven. Her name is Mercy and when she arrived she has sent reports back to her Mommy that the Christmas celebration preparations are almost complete.  Mercy said the Angels were singing beautiful songs to her.  She saw her Grandmother as she was hanging some ornaments on the trees in the park.  She was also reunited with all her family pets who have made the journey to Pet Heaven.  Mercy loved taking walks and riding in the car.  Mercy was escorted to the Doggie Diner in a heavenly limousine.  As you can see from her picture, she has the most expressive eyes that tell a story of her love.  The other picture gives new meaning to “doggles”.  She was truly a guardian angel here on earth to all the cats and doggies in the family …especially for Grandpa Griff who was rescued from a puppy mill.  You can see him as he has own Face Book page.  He’s a cutie too.  Mercy enjoyed eating  although she managed to keep her weight under control.  Mercy’s family is saddened from this loss but they are comforted in knowing that she is getting “royal treatment”.  We are honoring her life.  The second picture is her new “do” the day before she went to her heavenly home.

I Am Thankful For My Little Jack Russell Terrier, Babe

I’m posting my own blog this Thanksgiving season as Babe is asleep and resting from all the rush.  I am Babe’s mom and there are so many things I am thankful for.  If I listed them all, I could never get up from my chair.  What a wonderful life we have of friends, family and our pets.  Babe is a very important part of my family.  I  find I have  taken her life with me such a joy and I have unintentionally taken her life for granted.  As she is in good health and doing very well for a thirteen year old doggie, I find myself smiling at her as she sleeps so soundly as her hearing has somewhat diminished.  She can however hear the  jingle of the my keys when it’s time to go for a walk…she is ready to go!!  The neighbors have gotten used to her bossing around the big dogs and they laugh at her antics.  I no longer take the sound of her breathing  and the  sound of her barking in her dreams during the night for granted.

I am thankful for veternarians like her doctors, Dr. Seimer and Dr. Shardy and the staff of Suburban Animal Clinic staff as they constantly work Babe in for last minute appointments because she looked at me and her eyes told me she doesn’t feel well.  The laser treatments for her little spine, the medications for her heart, the special food, the dental care…..it all adds up to longer and better life.  After treatments, her beautiful brown almond shaped eyes become shiny and bright. 

She keeps me healthy and gets me out to walk and enjoy the fresh air. I am thankful for the wonderful memories and look forward to the future with her by my side.  I am thankful that God made animals and their pure hearts of unconditional love.  I’m thankful for Laddie, Sparky, Yox, Chi Chi, Inka, Benji, Totie , Amos and Andy, who taught me to know what it means when I bring them into my life….it means “I signed up for Life”.  I am thankful to surround myself with people who feel the same way. Oh…yes…I love my family and friends as well!!!!

As always I must include a picture of her as I know she sends her Thanksgiving love to all.

Mom is serving Warm Apple Jack Cider to the Trick or Treaters. I’m dressed for it too!!!

I have so many clothes and outfits in my closet and I am trying to figure out which one to wear this coming Monday on Halloween.  So many choices, so little time.  I have attached a picture of my first choice.  I will keep looking for  more.  We don’t have a lot  of scary things…..just fun things in our house.  Mom is fixing the neighborhood favorite….Apple Jack Cider with cinnamon sticks.  She serves it warm to the kids.  A nice break from all the candy and their Mom’s and Dad’s like it too.  Be sure and stop by if you are in the neighborhood.