Mark & Mother Helen – Letter of encouragement

PMark and Mother Hellen recious (pictured) wrote a letter to her Dad, who had been employed for 20 years Mark and Sissy with the same company.  The company went out of business.  Precious knew something was wrong because Dad went to work every day and now he was home all the time…and he didn’t seem to be very happy.  Finally Precious figured it out…he wasn’t employed.  Precious wanted him to know that she understood and she wanted him to know that she believed in him.  He had always provided for the family and she knew he would do it again.  Precious went to Grandma Helen and asked her to get one of those “A Message From Your Pet” letters and send to her dad.  So Grandma Helen called and they wrote the letter as Precious had dictated.

Her dad was very moved by the words of encouragement.  Precious did add a tint of humor.  She told her dad as long as they got to dress in Pittsburgh Steeler outfits,  keep the cable plugged in so they can cuddle as they watch the Steelers, everything would be okay.  Go Steelers!!!


Spiceland, IN

Ohio State University Football Game tomorrow!!!

IMG_0744_1.JPGAs you can see I am dressed and ready for the Ohio State University Football game.  I realize it’s not until tomorrow at 3:30, but we have gatherings and parties to attend to get ready for the game.  We are playing Eastern Michigan [Read more…]

Pet Laser Therapy & Science Diet Joint Formula great for “The Babe” and her IVDD treatment

Hi to all. You may recall I recently wrote a blog about my trip to the doctors office. They determined that I have Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). They put me on some medications to reduce the inflammation in my spine. They told my mom that my normal Jack Russell tactics must be curtailed. No more running up and down the steps…no more going airborne off the furniture…shorter walks, etc. I behaved for a while and found out that I may need additional help. Mom always takes me to Suburban Animal Clinic here in Columbus. Dr. Shardy is my doctor, but sometimes she is not there and [Read more…]

Babe the Bold and the Beautiful… (okay and cute) Jack Russell Terrier, has a couple of fears!!

Babe at ComputerMost of you who know me, know that I am 11 pounds of energy, muscle with a fearless personality – a one of a kind Jack Russell Terrier. (see how hard I’m working on this blog in the picture???)

However, I don’t admit this to many, but I am terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. [Read more…]

Wow – it’s hot! What a great time to adopt a pet!

I don’t know about where you are, but here in the Ohio, it’s hot, hot hot!

Babe at ComputerMe and mom love going for walks. Sometimes we’re gone for almost 2 hours because we like to play and of course talk to the people and pets we meet along the way.

But this weekend, I’ve been at the computer a little more. It’s a LOT cooler in the house.
[Read more…]