2010 October


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Pet Stories from A Message from Pet Heaven and A Message from Your Pet

Gracie Hi my name is Gracie Lou,

I am very cute and I am almost three years old. I have the two best Daddies’ in the world. One of them is driving the car in the attached picture. Good looking too…huh???? So is my other Daddy!! I also have a sister and two brothers who are spoiled rotten too. Dasie is my sister and my brother’s names are Bruiser and Tanner. They will help make my daddy’s laugh again. I am now in a position to keep my eye on them!!! Anyway, I had a reaction to some medications and I went to Pet Heaven. I’m doing fine and I feel great but my Daddy’s hearts are broken. So I asked Babe’s mom if she would write a letter to them to make them feel better.

In the letter, I told them about my journey into Pet Heaven and my plans for the future. One of my Daddy’s birthday is this week end and I had to tell him Happy Birthday. I also told them that the Pet Heaven staff is planning a surprise birthday party for me on May 15th. I promised I would act surprised. The Pet Heaven staff works very hard at making us feel at home.

This has been a difficult time for us, but we did not say good-bye…we only said good night and I will see them again.

Gracie Lou

Major was our first request for a letter from Pet Heaven (1999)….he wanted his parents to know he was okay.

Major and Chrissy

MajorI received my first letter from “Pet Heaven” many years ago when I lost Major, (Ole Major – Ole ShepShep), my beloved dog.  In that letter many special things that Major did and loved were mentioned, and that he had seen my “Dad” and he was fine.  I have kept that letter after all these years and cherish it to this day.

ChrissyI lost, Chrissy (PusPus) on June 15, 2009, my beloved cat who I had for nineteen years, and received another letter from “A Message From Pet Heaven”.  Both of these wonderful letters brought a bitter/sweet closure to my loss.  I pictured them roaming the valleys of heaven, young again and in no pain.  The lettters also gave me something tangible to keep representing my great love for these two fine animals.

I will always be grateful to my personal friend and originator of “A Message From Pet Heaven” in making the end of their journey in my life softer and gentler.

I will see both of them at the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Sue and Jim

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Maia and Donna

MaiaWell, Phyllis, I don’t know how you managed to get Maia’s letter from heaven to us here in New York without being stamped by the United States postal service, but I guess anything is possible.

We received the letter yesterday and my husband, Sophie and I sat on the patio and read it, not a dry eye in the house. It is warm, funny, totally Maia to a “T”! This has been an exhausting ordeal and I know I’m still running on pure adrenaline but all of these things help in the healing process. This morning, her announcements and Mass cards came in the mail and that’s another job for me to do as well!

She came back home to us on Tuesday and for the first time in years, she was able to sleep with me in my bedroom again. (We have a 200 year old house with close to 30 steep steps leading to the second level and she hasn’t been able to do them in years!) So I now have her back close to me every night! I did want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work and the time you spent on her letter to make it just perfect. We’re having it professionally matted and framed and it will be placed with jazzes’ memorial on the mantel of my husband’s fireplace in his office here at home. She’s still all over the house! :o) and I wish I knew your secret of how it got to us without going through the mail, no stamp, no city, no date, etc. Amazing! It certainly added to the intrigue of her letter. Thanks again so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and you have been a part of our healing process.

God bless you for what you are doing. I know some people think we’re crazy, but I know Maia is just resting and waiting till we see her again on the other side…..

New York

Patti and Pebbles

PattiandPebbles.jpgI lost my beloved Pebbles of 15 years, September4, 2007 She meant everything to me and the void I felt was unbearable.

One day I received from a friend an unexpected letter from Pet Heaven. I cried reading it but the tears were not only sorrow but of joy as well. It gave me some closure, but I will never forget Pebbles because she will forever remain in my heart and in that letter.

Columbus, Ohio.