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A Message From Pet Heaven and An All Occasion/Special Message From a Pet

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Do you have a dear friend or family member who has recently suffered the loss of a pet? Consider a personalized letter from pet heaven. Our letters are different than the typical pet loss sympathy cards or pet loss sympathy poems. Most of us are aware of the Rainbow Bridge poem. A Message From Pet Heaven is different as they are full size letters that are personalized to the individual family. Our clients have given wonderful reviews about how our letters have helped with the grief of pet loss.


We “ try this web-site write letters to pet owners who have experienced the loss of a pet.

We also write All Occasion Pet Letters to  bring joy to pet owners for special occasions such as a “Thank You for Pet Rescue”, “New Pet Arrivals”, “Thank You for see Veterinarian Services”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays”. This is the perfect gift for any pet owner.

All of our keepsake letters are personalized and written “as if” it was coming from the pet, to the pet owner. Once you (the sender) approves the letter via email, the letter will be sent to the Pet Owner.  It will arrive via the U.S. Mail, addressed to the pet owner.  Imagine the surprise and delight when they open the mailbox that day…


A Message From Pet Heaven

Healing the Grief of Pet Loss

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The letter is built on the pet’s story after arriving in Pet Heaven.

A sympathy letter includes remembering the good times together and moving on to a positive future for both pet and pet owner. The Pet Letters from Heaven are individual, inspirational and comforting, with a hint of humor to fill a broken Heart after pet loss.

The “All Occasion” letter from the pet is built on the pet’s story, depending on the occasion.  Perhaps the pet was just rescued and wants to thank the new owner. Or the pet owner is celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or accomplishment and would appreciate a message from their pet.

Maybe the pet owner is ill and  a “Get Well Letter” is needed.  Sometimes pet owners need encouragement  and – who could do it better than their best friend in the world?

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